In October 2016 my mother, at the age of 95, entered hospital for the first time in her life. Over the next 3 months there was a decline in her general health, physical capability, motivation and positivity. Despite care assistance it quickly became obvious that she was longer capable of independent living. In January she became a resident at Rayner House and Yew Trees Ltd.

ALL employees have been excellent, led by the wonderful Caroline Finlay, who is compassionate and understanding. She aims for each resident to have some enjoyment and to be as comfortable as possible at this stage in their lives.

Her philosophy and work ethic is shared.

My mother is content and VERY comfortable. I could not ask for better.

Rayner House – From a relative, Nov-2017

“I would like to thank Clare, The Manager & her staff for the excellent standard of care shown to my mother during her day care at Sheps. Upon arrival we are always greeted with welcoming smiles.

The clients are happy & content giving me the knowledge & comfort that they are being well cared for during the day.

There are always a selection of different activities going on which everyone participates in.

I would also take this opportunity to thank the catering staff who do am amazing job providing an excellent selection of meals and snacks.

Clare is always on hand to chat and offer assistance with any issues arising around my mother’s care”

Sheps Day Centre – From a relative, Nov-2017
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